New Kid

[Jane] My husband and I are interested in purchasing an RV. We have looked at a Class C, and feel it will meet our needs, as far as size (24 FT.) Being new to this industry, could anyone send me tips on what to look for, be carefull of, recomendations etc. I can be emailed at or answered on this forum. Thanks your any info.
New Kid

[Mike Dial] I would join RV "Consumer Group". It&#039s $100, but well worth the investment. They are unbiased and there are so many crooked dealers and manufactures, you can&#039t go into it blind, you need someone on your side. is their website.
I recently came across the Coach House "Platinum" models, they are 24 foot class "A" motorhomes. They have a toilet and shower stall in the rear. I think they are worth a look. is their website. Good luck and don&#039t believe everything dealers tell you.