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Hello, everyone, I,m new at this. The wife and I just bought a used 1978 Brougham w/ Ford chassis 460 runs strong has 77,000 miles and is very clean for its age. I just learned how too work the generator, Batteries were dead. I found I have a lot to learn so I hope I don't bother you all too much with all the questions I'm gonna have. Thanks, Dave and Joyce. :cool:
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Its better and normally cheaper to ask what we might think is a dumb question but hey thats the way we all learn.

A big welcome to the forum :laugh:


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Lickyetysplit, Welcome. Ask away. Got lots of real smart (no me) people that read this forum and can either specifically tell you how to fix any problem/issue you might have or point you in the right direction. I've saved a lot of Bucks/nuckles/headaches/etc., by listening to them......and sometimes they are even realy friendly. I love um all......great people :laugh:
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Thanks for the welcome, I'm allready finding more projects with this baby. I noticed a stain in interior roof panel so I removed everything from the inside roof to the rafters? and found a small leak where the roof rack screws down and it looks like another where the shower vent stack goes through the roof. I plan on putting a new interior roof but first I have to fix these darn leaks. My wife has ashma so I'll be checking for mold also. I need to learn my way around this forum I posted a question on advice for roof leak repairs in general RVing. I hope thats the right place. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to getting to know as many new Freinds on this forum as possible.