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:) Hi all,
Skeeta here, I am a caravaner in Australia and tow a 16 Jayco Freedom Poptop with a 2006 Hyundai Terracan diesel 2.9ltr. Just a nice size van for the missus and I.
We have travelled over most of Aust. (Doing the block as we call it) Our home is in Perth Western Australia where we are at the moment but on the 28th of this month we are heading north to Exmouth to do a spot of beach fishing and to get away from the cold winter winds.
I was most interested in reading the posts on this forum and was amazed that people tow 30' vans - wow never seen one that big in au. (other than a fifth wheeler) Biggest - maybe 23' and even then some caravan parks would not have room for that size van.
Caravaning in Aust is very popular now as families are opting for holidays at home rather than fly internationaly and suffer the security and customs checks (not to mention the fear of terrorists.
Must go now (grand kids to read stories to)
Happy vanning
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Wow, I would have thought it would be a little cold for fishing there this time of year. Must remember to forget all preconceived notions I had about Austrailia. Welcome aboard! :)


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yes, 30' is a fairly small trailer here. I don't know what the longest one is, but I've seen/heard of plenty of 35' foot ones. Motorhomes are often 40' or even 45' long.


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Welcome Skeeta! We live fulltime in our 35' motorhome which we use to tow a Honda CR-V when we travel. We are at the moment in Quebec, Canada. As John says, 30' is not a large RV here today. There was a time that it was but as engines have become bigger and budgets larger to buy them with, I would guess it was no more than the average length. We have a very wide range of RV here. In towable trailers they range for the tent-top styles that are as short as 8' or so on up to fifth wheel type traielrs towed by large trucks that are now as much as 40' long with as many as five slide out expansion rooms. In motorized RVs they range for those built into a van and less than 20' long to the large bus conversions that are 45' long and that can weigh as much as 60,000 pounds. And they can also sell new for more than $1.5 million.
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Here in the US we pride ourselves in doing everthing bigger than everybody else. The longest travel trailer that I have worked on was a 39 foot. the largest 5th wheel was 42.5 feet and the largest motor mome was 45 feet with a 2person jacuzzi in it.