New Motorhomes/Northern VA RV Show


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I'm wondering if anyone else feels this way: my bride and I went to the Northern VA RV show this past weekend and we both walked away disappointed with the style and appealability of some of the mid to high-level coaches. The only manufacturer that impressed us was Newmar, and I think they're more entry level, but maybe not. I've been looking at ads and dreaming of owning a high-end coach for years. We had never been in a Foretravel or Country Coach (nor could we afford one), but we thought that their design and choice of materials were somewhat odd.

For example, in the County Coach, they used rotary cut oak veneer plywood walls. Rotary cut rather than plain sliced or rift sawn oak looks cheap (I'm a hobbyiest woodworker and would never use rotary cut ply on fine furniture). Nor was the finish on the walls up to what I would consider acceptable standards. If I were designing a mid to high-end coach, I would never consider using cheap ply, and we're not really talking about a big price difference when you consider what they're selling for.

In the Foretravel, their choice of what looks like a short "shag" type of carpet looked cheap, in our opinion. Also, their butternut leather seemed not to go with the rest of the decor.

Maybe it's just us and our taste. Keep in mind, I'm not discussing chassis/engine, etc., just asthetics. And what's up with this bathroom open to the bedroom floor plan that we're seeing? We weren't the only ones who thought it unusual. Our low-end Bounder seemed more acceptable to us as we discussed these things as we were leaving the show.