New RV Park coming into Plant City, Florida on central "west coast"


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Living in Florida and traveling north, I'm almost always asked the RV question. "Hey do you know of any open RV Parks in Florida?"
After dinner, we drove around a bit as we often do, as the evening was cooler than 93 degrees temperature of the day. Near the new 8-floor hospital in Plant City is the "Comming Soon" sign with the following Click Here. The website can give you better information and details than I. We did see concrete pads, RV Pad Electrical hook-ups, and light poles/posts. Here are some photos we took to share with my Snowbird Friends and soon-to-be. We do have many RV Parks and County and State Parks with RV sights. like Hillsborough County State Park Click Here as of June 03, 2024.
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