new rv.


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hello, i'm moving from Massachusetts to California, i just bought an old mini-cruiser to make the trip in. It's old but it's in great shape. I haven't had the chance to plug it in yet, but i noticed it has 12v lights inside. They don't turn on, and i can't find a manual anywhere. It has a new battery, but it also has a multi-battery isolator, that looks like it's been unhooked, and no second battery. does anyone know if these are supposed to run w/o plugging in? or where I can find a manual or users guide? it's an 85 so I haven't had much luck...
also any tips on good places to stay, I'm leaving in October and i plan on taking my time.


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Re: new rv.

yes, the lights should run any time, whether the RV is plugged in, or has a generator running, or no external power. If not, there is a problem with the battery hookup and/or a blown fuze. Some of the lights may have burned out bulbs, but you won't know which ones until you get some of them working.

Check out Passport America. Not many conveniant places in the the NorthEast, but as you move South and West, they have a lot of cheap members, some of which are quite nice.

How are you going? I presume that eventually you will be on either I40 or I10 to California. Keep an eye on the time and the weather. Don't want to be where it might freeze in November...