New Rver in Canada, disillusioned with Dealer


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I bought a Damon 1999 for over $100,000 in May from Voyager RV in Winfield, near Kelowna, we have still not got a running RV by mid-July. We sent a 3 page letter outlining the many faults we later discovered, after that we thought we had resolved issues (they fixed several things and paid half of our gas to drive over ( 5 hours drive and a lot of gas!) and hang around while they fixed up the many things that were not working when we purchased it. We left feeling we would never recommend that anyone buy from them but then it turns out we found out about a recall on the Norkold Fridge cooler unit. This recall had been in
magazines for 3 years and Voyager had signed off the Propane and and fridge unit as safe but had not done the recall replacement which is considered a fire hazard. I had to drive back over , leaving at 4 am to get there for their opening in Kelowna (I live in Nelson BC) and when I got there was told this was a simple 5 hour job. When I got back to pick up the unit, having phoned first and been told it was almost ready, there were 3 puzzled employees staring at a big mess and the whole unit was in bits. They said the recall was done but the control board was burnt out and later made out that it was nothing to do with their replacement job (it was in fact functioning when we arrived). I told then I would get a hotel as they said it would be fixed by the next day and then in the morning said it would be a
week or two. My work day had already been disrupted and now my wife had to down tools (fulltime job) and prepare for a 9 hour round trip to pick me up. No offer was made of a car or ride back home. I have been back a week and they are saying it will be another two weeks before fixing and they still have made no apology or offer of recompense for our troubles. Since May we have been able to use this unti for one week (with problems) and it is now near the end of July.

Is there anything you can do, we are totally new to RVing and were
excited about a trip to Alaska this year (now cancelled due to no RV) and across the country next year.
Right now I would be happy for Voyager to buy back the unit and we could go shopping at a more reputable dealer when we are over the trauma of this very sad introduction to RVing.
Any help appreciated. John Dale, nelson BC 250-825-2235 ps we are in course of drafting a second letter to Voyager but as yet are holding off on lawyers because of expense, this was a retirement treat for myself.


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New Rver in Canada, disillusioned with Dealer

Dear 210Pilot

We are going through similar dissapointments with our New Trail lite travel trailer. The Dealer nor the Manufacturer want to help us and we are at the end of our rope. We have become very disillusioned with the RV experience. I feel very sad for you since this is your retirement treat. I hope you get some satisfaction as we too are trying the Manufacturer. It's time that someone takes responsibility for what they produce and start building a better product. I would be very interested in your progress to resolve this problem and if you have any advice you could share.
Thank you, Sincerly shodan

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New Rver in Canada, disillusioned with Dealer

John, sorry to hear of the problem with the MH. Seems as though the dealer is trying to resolve the problem. Think it was probably their problem and expect they may have had to order the parts to repair. Contact Norcold, I think they are offering gas or something like that for their customers trouble. Why did you purchase the unit so far from home? Sometimes it is better to pay a little more and stay close to home in case of problem which there will be some. Don't get discouraged and keep the Alaska trip planned when the bugs are worked out. A trip you will never forget. Hang in there "It's got to get better"