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Looking at purchasing a 29' 1989 Terry Resort Series travel trailer. Owned by friend who pulled it 16 times (each summer) to Myrtle Beach (about 500 miles round trip). Asking price $2500.00 which includes mirrors, stabilizer, etc. Price ok, what to look for, etc? Any helpful hints/info would be appreciated.


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what do u plan to do with the TT ,, long trips ,, short trips ,, ect .. give us some more info and we can help u out for sure.... ;)
Bty did he keep it at the beach?? cause the salt air can do some nasty things to any rv,,, also does everything work in the rv????
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Short trips as we learn, then would probably upgrade to newer model as we reach retirement age. Kept at her home in SC upstate. Everthing in working order.


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Look very closely for any signs of leaks as a leak can do major damage that is difficult to repair if not take care of quickly. Check the age of the tires as they should be replaced if more than 5 years old. Battery age is also a thing to consider as most last for three to five years. Do the trailer brakes and all lights work as they should? Is there any body damage, as parts will not be available after 18 years. Check the refrigerator closely as they are pretty expensive to replace and it is likely nearing the end of it's life. The same is true of the water heater and if it is a Suburban, has it had the anode replaced regularly, and for either Suburban or Atwood has it been flushed regularly? How is the roof and what it the condition of the caulking on it?

If all is as it should be, this could be a very inexpensive way to get started and to see if you like RV living.