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Sandra H

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From Calgary Canada, I purchased a 1997 Travelaire Kustom Koach Motorhome. I am not new to RV's just motorhomes and after I took the plunge I wondered why
I did not do it sooner. For me it was a pain to back my trailer in the back yard and often had to get neighbours to move there vehicles. This is so convienient I am tickled. We just got our first snow fall..and that is a bummer as I was hoping to get a few more trips in. I will need to ask several questions over the course of winter so I can get up to speed on this new wonderful toy. So my first question you take motorhomes into rv dealers to change the oil, do brakes etc. Will it be better to take it into 2 places.
One for chassis and one for coach work ?
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There are several ways to attack the problem. If you have a trusted mechanic use him/her, if not a well talked about repair shop from friends or co-workers. Or the chassis dealer ford/chev/dodge. They can do all the normal things oil, brakes and so on. Then a good RV teck or again a trusted RV dealer for the coach issues you can not deal with yourself. In this area reading save a lot of money if you are a bit handy, a lot of the fixes take no more than ascrew driver and a wrench. In Calgary you will be looking at winterizing NOW or storing in a heated space. Again reading online how and a couple hours can save lots of $$$.



well first off welcome ,, and good to see u are not spamming ,, but to answer ur ??? ,, most rv dealers can do all that u mentioned ,, if one that can't i would steer away from them ,, i myself have an rv repair business ,, and i do most anything to all rvs ,, i have even put a new gas motor in a class A ,, and also trans in a few pushers ,, but that is me ,, i don;t really like doing that kinda stuff ,, but if the customer has the money to pay me ,, i will do it ,, and have ,, but as i said ,,look for a dealer or rv repair shop that will handle all of the rv ,, oil changes ,, brakes ,, engine work ,, and such ,, those are the ones u want to find ,, IMO :)

Sandra H

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Thanks so much
Was kinda wondering what everyone did as essentially we have a van with a camper bolted to the back. I am pretty handy and can do a lot myself. Will find someone that can do