New to forum and could use some advice.

I'm sure ya'll get this question a lot but hope you'll answer mine as I have until friday to make a decision. I own a 2005 F-150 reg cab 4X2 4.6 v8 with a 3.55 axle and 8' bed. I'm looking at a 23.5' TT, unloaded weight 4248, hitch dry weight 534, GVWR 7700 and net cargo capacity of 3452. I guess the big question is... is my truck big enough to tow this. The dealer says it is but that it needs a WD hitch, anti-sway bars etc. It's not that I don't trust the dealer but, it's not his hard earned money that's buying a trailer. I'd be greatful for any assistance.

New to forum and could use some advice.

Are talking about the Ford dealer or your RV dealer? I have towing ratings for your truck at work. I can get back to you tomorrow. My first impression is you will be maxing your truck. Your Ford dealer can tell you and it might be in your owners manual. Do a little research.


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New to forum and could use some advice.

I'd suggest that you wait for GTS to get back to you before you make this move. There are many sales people out there who will tell you whatever they believe will get you to buy. A little math will tell you that you are going to be very close to the limit, if not over. Since the tongue weight is to be no less than 10%, that GVW means 770# of a 1/2 ton, or 1000# rated truck. The empty tongue weight is 12.6% of dry weight, so to project that to the gross of 7700# would mean a tongue weight of 968#. That would leave nothing at all for any load in the truck, not even you!
New to forum and could use some advice.

Enough motor but my guess is a little more gear and spring would be much better. Grandview will give you the way to go OM. 73
New to forum and could use some advice.

With the 4.6L and 3.55 ratio your max.trailer weight should not exceed 6600#,provided your truck is equipped with a heavy duty trailer towing package.If it's not then the max.trailer weight is 5000#...Even if you changed gears to a 3.73 ratio you could only pull a TT of 7100#.But that weight is Fully Loaded.[cargo,water,waste,people,,etc.]I would say you are at your max. for that truck.
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Finally got an answer for you straight from Ford. The previous post was right on. With a Regular cab you can pull 6,600lb. (With super cab it drops to 6,300lb.) Again, that is equipped with proper hitch, load leveling bars, sway control, and that is MAX. Personaly I would not want to push it to the limit. Good luck.
New to forum and could use some advice.

I'd like to say thanks to all who took the time to answer. The weight issue is a little confusing to me, seems like the more I read about it, the less I understood. All that aside, I had the feeling that the trailer dealer I WAS dealing with was more interested in a sale rather than keeping a customer safe and returning in the future. The search for a TT "less heavy" continues. Maybe someone has a suggestion?
This is a great forum, thank you all.
New to forum and could use some advice.

Welcome to the forum........if that was me, I would not do it. I would get a bigger truck or a smaller TT.
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Try looking at the following;;Amerlite,trail-lite,fleetwood orbit, keystone zeppelin just to name a few.With todays technology the R/V industry is changing from day to day and theirs quite a few TT out their that you could pull.Good Luck on your search.Thats half the fun looking at different makes/models. :) My wife and I searched for 6 mos. and went to 5 different states and lord knows how many dealers before we finally bought one.This forum along with the internet was a great tool in helping us make our minds up on which one.And it really does pay to shop around.
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Hello again,
We sell Gulf Stream products. They make Amerilite, Gulf Breeze, Stream Lite and some Conquest models that you can tow. Contact me through the link in my signature and I will be glad to help you, if you find something you like. Their web site is:
New to forum and could use some advice.

Thanks Grandview, I appreciate your help. I just picked up a "little" 2005 Jayco Sport 186. Small but just the ticket for me and real towable for my truck. Many thanks and have a weekend.