New to full-timing-need tips & tricks

Okay, you old-timer, full-timers, tell us newbies your tricks and tips when you went full-timing. What did you pack you found you could do without, what did you NOT pack that you found you couldn't do without, packing tricks, storing tips to maximize available space. I let my guy take care of the outside & mechanical, and he lets me do my thing inside. ;) Any help will be appreciated.
New to full-timing-need tips & tricks

Now, I know most of you guys-are guys! But, can't you just ask your wives what they did to maximize storage?


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New to full-timing-need tips & tricks

Well, last year was our first year to spend the winter in our RV. We took a whole lot of things that we did not really need or use. Learned a real lesson on that one. Weight is very, very important, so make sure you take ONLY what you HONESTLY think you will need. We did not buy food stuffs until we reached our site (some things we took but not much). We took way too many clothes so we are cutting back on that. I had two grills (one small propane and one charcoal) but will only take the propane one this winter. We took enough cleaning stuff to last us for months, so we'll cut back on that also. I think one of the best things we did for this year was to move the storage crates (the old type milk plastic crates) into a closet and stacked them. It saved a whole lot of space (we did put them under bed and in upper closet last year). We think it will sure help on space needs. Just remember, you can buy most of your stuff while your on the road like food, cleaning stuff, laundry stuff and other misc things so don't stock up would be my suggestion. You might want to look under tips/tricks on this web site.
Not sure if this helps or not, but maybe.... :approve: