New to RV but don't know where to start!

My husband and I are retired, and would like to purchase a used Class C motor home, we don't have much money so this is an issue. We have always wanted to do this so now is the time, but we don't know what we should be looking for and avoiding. When you are looking in a limited price range, it narrows things considerable, we have seen some nice size 23ft. for about 18,000 with over 100,000 miles on it, and the year being about l989. Is this unreasaonble? Are we going to have lots of $$$$$going out on these RV's? We can't go to much above
$20,000. again, in the older RV's is ther something we should avoid or look for I would appreciate any feedback.......Desperate.
New to RV but don't know where to start!

This summer we were in Montana and stopped at Big Sky RV in Bozeman. They had a couple nice 23-24' class C for $3500 US. Think the brand was clipper something. Was a fiberglass construction like a boat. Not wood. Was on Co-signment. Give them a call. Had like 50K miles on it. What you are describing sounds VERY high even with the CAN conversion. They also have some Class A's.

New to RV but don't know where to start!

Sunny, I don't know much about Canada's living costs, BUT ... here in northern Nevada, the class "C" motor home you describe would sell for about $5000.00 to $6000.00.

With that much mileage and that old, ... I would definitely walk away from it.. it is WAY OVER PRICED...