New to RV-ing, couple of questions

We have figured out most of the things we have come across so far and we are new to owning our 1990 Komfort trailer. I have a couple of questions. I was told by the previous owner that he did not clean the fresh water tank, ever. I know this needs to be done but i need to know what the process is. Should i also be putting in an inline filter? I was also told that i should seal all the lights and windows with plumbers putty. It seems to me there must be a better way to do this. I have a small leak around the front window and need to fix it. I also notice a little moisture in the light covers after driving it in the rain. Any input you can provide would be great !!
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Welcome to the forum, Jamey. Here's a link to a discussion we had on this subject not too long ago.

Freshening the Water

If you'll do a Search from the top of any page of the forum on the word 'Clorox', you will find quite a bit of information. (Don't forget to set the checkbox to search all posts!)


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Yes, clean the tank to kill anything growing there.

I like to use an inline filter at the bacterial level of filtration, to keep sediment, some chemicals, protozoa and bacteria out of the system (anything more would probably be over costly and too restrictive of flow). Then I would use a water purifier on the kitchen sink (or bottled water) for drinking and cooking.

And make sure you have a pressure limiter in the system; I didn't and blew the pressure sensor on my water pump and the feed line to the toilet.
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Thank you for the information. It wasn't very clear to me how i was supposed to do this but now I understand. Thanks also for the info on the filter and pressure limiter.
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This has wonderful tips. I was told to use 3cups bleach (unsented) and fill the tanks to full.Run water through water line til you smell the bleach. Thenl et stand 3 hours ( I did mine over night) and emtpy tanks and run fresh water though 3 times. I kid you not, it worked great for us! Someone else took the camper for a small road tirp to help move the water around. I did not.