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I am getting ready to retire within the next year or two and want to get a smaller 5th wheeler 28 feet or less in length. There will only be 2 of us so that should be plenty for short trips and such. My main 2 questions are will a F250 4wd crewcab with the 6.8 liter V-10 be strong enough to haul the fifth wheeler for long distances? Also with the short bed be big enough to accomodate the 5th wheel mount?
Iwould appreciate any info that anyone could prove as I will be new at this type of traveling and it appears there is a steep learning curve ahead.
Thank you

Gary B

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Hi JImR, welcome to the forum & to rving. Yes a F-250 V10 will have plenty of power and will last a good long time, with proper care and maintenance the V10 will go 200000 miles. Yes you can use a shortbox, but you'll need either a slider 5th wheel hitch or an extended pin box assy. I much prefer the longbox as you then have room to but a toolbox and other things in the truck box, a shortbox is very small after the hitch is installed, but can and is done many many on the road. Ask away if you have other questions. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
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Hey Gary B,

I have recently purchased a 1973 Avion LeGrande, 28ft. The guy I bought it from has changed the wiring!! I was wondering if you know anything about the wiring or know where I can get the info from, such as wiring diagram?? Any help would be wonderful!!

Thanks! :question:
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I am needing to know how the wires run in the wall in and around the refrigerator and power converter area. The previous owner had cut some wires and I reach a dead end when tracing the wires. I have a wire leaving the refrigerator outlet that is not hot and I don't know where it goes. I also have the same problem at the power converter. Should these tie together? If so, how could they have been severed behind the wall???

I went to the sites you gave and have posed the same questions! Thank you for all your help!!