New to RV's...Looking for Used Class C Help Appreciated


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I would like to thank everyone in advance for your help. My uncle referred me to this site and after reading many of the threads I can see why. Any advice in my search for RV knowledge will be greatly appreciated.

We are just starting to look for an RV, currently interested in a C class. I would like to get a slight used unit to save money. Please let me know if a new unit is worth the higher cost and associated depreciation.

Type of Use: We race motorcycles and will be primarily using the RV for race weekends. There will typically be 5 of us riding and sleeping in the RV. We will need to pull our 7x14 enclosed trailer (max loaded around 3500 to 4000 lbs).

We looked at a dealership close to home (Sun Coast RV in Lake Park, GA right of off I-75). They had a 2004 Gulfstream Endura on the Chevy 5500 chassis with an 8.1 L + Allison Tranny. I know most of the C class units that I have seen use the Ford V-10 6.8 L. The Ford motor would be a plus for me because my Uncle is a Ford mechanic. I am trying to determine if we would need the bigger chassis and motor, because we will almost always be pulling a trailer, boat, or car. The Gulfstream Endura had a 10,000 lb towing capacity vs the 5000 lbs of the slightly smaller Ford based model we also looked at.

Like I said, we are just starting the search. Please help with any advice. What brands are good or what to stay away from?, etc…

I would like to get a few years out of this purchase before upgrading.

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Re: New to RV's...Looking for Used Class C Help Appreciated

Class C sounds like it would be a good choice from a layout arrangement. They generally tend to have more sleeping positions than many Class A's. However, they are noted for sometimes having very poor CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) and towing capacity. Check out these values before falling in love with any particular unit.

The advantage of a new unit is that you have a warrantee, and you know noone has mistreated it or made any confusing or dangerous modifications. The down side is that it will probably cost more, you get the joy of dealing with any manufacturing defects, and the first few years will see the value nosedive.


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Re: New to RV's...Looking for Used Class C Help Appreciated

I just bought one after looking at several.

Get one that has been maintained well.
My 1997 Georgie Boy Maverick had 21,000 miles and 105 hrs. on the generator, I got it from the original owner and got all the paperwork. It is immaculate.

The more you look at the more you will learn and learn what to look for. The blue book values are just a guide.
Compare what is selling and for how much, then make an offer.

I will tell you most of the ones I looked at were ragged out pieces of crap. You will be able to tell in 2 minutes if it has been taken care of.

Good luck.


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Re: New to RV's...Looking for Used Class C Help Appreciated

Take a look at some of my previous posts to see what I fell for...don't follow in my footsteps!