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I am very new to RV'ing, and will be going out this weekend for a madien voyage. We have a 1987 Dolphin 22 ft Class C motor home.

THe question I have is the propane workings.

My RV has a unit the rear driver's side that is the hot water heater. On the passagner side is the propane tank. Do I have to have the water heater/furnace piolt light lite to use the gas stove and the refer.

I know these are stupid questions, but never done this before. Also can anyone suggest a book that may answer these and other questions.



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The propane appliances have separate ignition systems...the gas travels across your unit, hopefully the flame doesn't! Congrats and have fun!


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You might want to find someone locally maybe even an RV shop or store to walk you thru any questions you might have about your rig. I get on the net and do a google search for books or brochures. Trailer life has some good books on helps and hints to help you along as do different organizations and clubs. Here is trailer lifes site.


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The seller should have given you a thorough walk-thru when you bought it. If not, then go back and see if he/she will. Perhaps they can answer any of your other questions. I have a travel trailer (TT) and when in storage, air gets into the propane lines. I first light the big burner on my 3 burner cooktop. It takes a few seconds for the propane to flow. First just air, then propane. Then I'm ready to light the water heater, fridge and furnace. The fridge, wh, and frunace will have a little air in the lines, but most will be purged when I get the stove working. Depending on the floor plan, your layout may be different, but I'd bet this method would help you....