Which tow vehicle

  • Silverado 1500

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  • Sierra 1500

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  • F-150

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  • Ram 1500

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  • Colorado

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  • Canyon

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  • Frontier

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  • Tacoma

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New Member
First post on this forum hopefully you guys can help me make up my mind!!

Current tow vehicle= 2008 jeep liberty limited 4x4 pushing 202k miles

Trailers= primary one (used daily) 6ftx8ft single axle inclosed weighing in at 1,300lbs empty, average load is around 3,000lbs (including trailer weight), high end load which is about 6-8 times a year close to 5,000lbs
Second trailer= 8ftx20ft double axle inclosed weighing just shy of 3,000lbs empty, between 4,000lbs-8,000lbs on the heaviest load (usually about 3-4 times a year), average load is usually about 4,000-5,000lbs.

My jeep handles the single axle fine even when fully loaded (although off/on ramps get sketchy sometimes) but it gets super sketchy when hauling my bigger trailer forcing me to cruise along at 45mph on the highway or else i start swaying hard!

So my question is what tow vehicle would you guys recomend or have any positive reciews about that might help? I had to rent a uhual pick up a couple times this year to tow with and they gave me the new 2015 gmc sierra (single cab) which was beautiful and i hauled my trailers with ease that week! Which is why the sierra 1500 is my top candidate for my new tow vehicle, but im reading alot of good things about the brand new colorados/canyons that just came out and im considering those because of mpg and daily driving when im not towing! So outta the followong choices what would you guys suggest? 1. Sierra 1500 2. Silverado 1500 3. Coloarado/canyon 4. F-150 5. Nissian frontier 5. Toyota tacoma
I welcome all comments and suggestions
Thanks guys!

C Nash

Senior Member
JMO but out of the selections I would go with either of the GMs or the F150. Just be sure they are equipped with the full towing packages. What size engine are you looking at. need to do a lot of homework. Remember you have to stop what you tow


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