New Trailer/Truck

My wife and I having a debate over which trailer to get. A Slide-in over a Pull Trailer. We are also debating on whether to get a Long Box over a Short Box RAM 2500 Crew Cab Deisel/Hemi.

I think that we should get a Short Box Hemi and save approximately $9,000. This would eliminate the Slide-in. We have 2 kids and wold like to start travelling this Summer.

She wants the Long Box Deisel and a Slide-in Camper. :disapprove:

We are also wondering what's the best Manufacturer or both? We have an annual RV and Trailer show here in Winnipeg and will undoubtedly take in this years event, but we have a bead on 2 RAM 2500's at the moment. I think the same truck can be bought without the extra 1.5 feet of box and fuel economy (if any) than the deisel.

Please help my wife understand that she doesn't have to go the same route her parents did. :laugh: Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

Ed H.

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New Trailer/Truck

As far as box length goes, a long box is better for slide-in campers or fifthwheels (yes, tou can get a sliding fifthwheel to use with a short box, but an extra foot of truck will probably be cheaper) If you are going with a regular trailer, either will do, although the extra wheelbase helps with stability on the highway.
Some will tell you all wonderful things about saving money with diesels, but the savings come a long way (litterally) down the road. If fuel prices are anything like they are here (Western Massachusetts: 25-30 cent/gal. more for diesel), the diesel will be long worn out before you save anything on fuel. Even if fuel prices are close, the payback is a lot of miles away. The question is will you keep the truck that long? A diesel also needs extra care that a gas engine doesn't (ie., water in the fuel can't be dealt with by adding some alcohol and running out is a very big deal).
As far as torque and power are concerned, there isn't a light truck today that isn't a Tim Allen joke. Yes the diesel has more, but how much do you really need?
New Trailer/Truck

thanks for the input.

we are planning on keeping this truck for life. we own 3 Volkswagon Jetta Turbo Deisels right now: 1990, 1991, and 2001. i calculated how long it would take to have the deisel pay off and we're looking at 15 - 20 years for the amount we'll be long-hauling as the towing fuel economy is pretty much the same.

i never really took the stability of a long box into consideration, unil now. i think that we'll hold out for a long box. now the only debate is deisel or hemi.