New Travel Trailer

My wife and I just purchased a brand new Citation travel trailer. We were very impressed with the fit and finish of this unit. It seems a lot better built than the prowler ultralight that we traded in. I was just wondering if any body out there has any experience with Citation trailers and can give me things to watch for
New Travel Trailer

Citation is a nice brand. One thing you want to make sure to do is check the roof 2-4 times a year for any cracks in the seals. We have carried the Citation Brand before and this seems to be the only problems that comes up. They want to cut the rubber a little shorter for some reason. A 10 minute inspection seasonly will save major dollars annualy.
New Travel Trailer

Hey thanks. I will be sure to check the roof on a regular basis. I was up there over this past weekend and was impressed with how much better built the roof is than my prowler was.
Thanks again..........oh yeah Go Gators!!! ( hehe)