new tx club for those who can't take the long haul


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The "NORTH TEXAS RV CLUB" is an RV Club based in ARLINGTON, TX. dedicated to those RVers who would still like to take some time out from their busy lives to take short distance weekend get-a-ways with other good spirited RVers. This club normally try to take Weekend trips in the vicinity of about a 200 miles radius of Dallas-Fort Worth which should take about 2 - 3 hour drive one way.
The idea of this club came up when a group of us read about the Gulf Coast RV Club. Most clubs travel long distances. And if your not retired yet like my wife traveling long distances is out of the question for now. We plan a trip every other month to what we feel are interesting places and if the interest is there then we'll bump it up to once a month during the summer months.