Newbe needs advice with a converter Upgrade


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Hello Guys and Gals.
I'm new to this forum and new to the RV world ;-)

I have a question. Right now I have a Magnetek 6300 series Converter in my RV and I was looking to upgrade from 35amps to 55 amps . By me upgrading to a 55 amp converter do I need to do anything else? The website says it slides right in the original spot and all I have to do is connect the wires. Here is the website that I'm looking to get the upgrade from. Thank you for your help in advance.
Look forward to talking with you guys.

C Nash

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Welcome to the forum oolenoo. See no reason you can't do the upgrade. Do you need the extra amps? Is your 35 amp working?


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I keep popping breakers and the fan broke in it so I figured why mess with fixing it when there is an upgrade available? When I use the microwave and the TV is on the breakers pop. Will this solve my problem anyway? Plus it gets really hot and I really don't want to start a fire ;-( Let me know if I'm on the right track. Thank you for your response.


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Oolenoo - You are definitely on the right track, especially if the fan is not working. Using the Jimmy Rule, "If some are good, more are better," if the 55 amp is a slide-in fit, I'd go for it.

Let us know how it works out. I may be looking to do something simular since mine keeps popping a breaker too. And welcome to the RVUSA Forum.:):)


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Hi, oolenoo
One thing you may want to consider is the size of the electric wire suppling your Converter:confused:, make sure they have the capacity to supply the new converter, you are upping our out put by 20 Amps or about 60%:). One more thing... the faster you drain your batteries the less capacity and less life span they well have.
Good luck with our up-grade:applause:
Take care


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I will make sure I check to see if the wire is strong enough to support the 55 amp upgrade. I will let you know how I do. Right now I think I'm going to just replace the fan and wait because I went out this morning to turn my refrigerator on and its not working. I ran it first on gas for 4 hours and the coldest it got in the freezer was 60 degrees and ran it for 6 hours on electric and same thing. I was reading on the net that it could be the cooling unit? The only thing is an aftermarket cooling unit is $400 and the whole Refrigerator (Dometic ) is $695. So if I had to do one I'd probably go with the whole unit but I really don't want to spend all that cash since I just laid out all this cash for this RV last year. Has anyone installed a mini office refrigerator in place of the original Gas/Electric? I was thinking to hook up and inverter to run it while I was on the road and when I hook up to a campsite I'd be all good. Any thoughts? The refrigerator I have is a Dometic 2410. I'm not having a great experience with the RV thing :-( but I really like it and I'm going to have to stick with what I have. :)
oolenoo, you are wildly optimistic about being able to run the refer off your battery with an inverter. There's not enough capacity to do that for long.

Just because you change to a higher amperage capacity converter, doesn't mean anything. Think of your lights and 12VDC items as pulling electric current from your converter or battery. The converter does not push current, so you can buy one with a thousand amp capacity and your 12VDC items won't see any difference!

"When I use the microwave and the TV is on the breakers pop." These appliances have nothing to do with the converter. They run on AC not the DC that the converter provides.

Your problem is elsewhere. Fix the fan on the converter, though.