Newbie at Pennsylvania RV Show

Hello all,
Well, I wanted to find out which vehicles are for me, and if it wasn't there, it didn't exist. I saw cute little lollipop color retro-trailers to $500,000 mega marvels.
The main thing I learned was that the typical class B is little to narrow for us and the showers are too small also. We like the size of the 21' BT Cruiser and RVision Trail Lite. The only other vehicle we liked was the Leisure Free Spirit. However, we figured that the trade off in room in relation to doubling the fuel mileage isn't worth it, so we will rent one first, and then decide on which to buy. We were told that basically the Chevy 6L and Ford V-10 both get 10-11 mpg. Is that been everyone else's experience? Also if a vehicle is available with a V8 instead of the V-10 is that a wise option?


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Newbie at Pennsylvania RV Show

My chevy 6L gets about 12 MPG unloaded. Pulling about 6000 pounds, I got 8.1 MPG average on a 5000 mile trip. It struggled getting up relatively minor up grades...

C Nash

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Newbie at Pennsylvania RV Show

Charles, We have the v10 Ford in our 32 ft Class A MH and it gets 9 mpg towing our Chevy 4 door tracker. Little loud at higher rpm but well satisfied so far and I'm a Chevy man :eek: Think you are making a great decision by renting before buying. :approve: Think the earlier version v10 gave some problems but, my Ford buddies say the 2000 and newer v10 is fine. Most people I have talked to that owned the Leisure Free Sprit were satisfied with them. Only you can decide which is right for your use. :)
Newbie at Pennsylvania RV Show

Thanks for posting your thoughts following the PA show. Like you we have not found the ideal model yet. Have you physically seen the Pleasure-Way Ford Excel? It is more roomy than any other B's we have seen, has more storage and available with the V-10 instead of the V8. Mileage for the latter being about 14-15.