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This could be lengthy so please bear with me as my thoughts may be jumbled and I may ramble a bit, but here goes. My wife and I will both be retired in the next 3 to 5 years.
We both would like to see all or as much as possible of what this great country has to offer, from the majestically beautiful national parks to the numerous regional attractions and festivals east to west and north to south.
But this post is not to solicit suggestions of where to travel. That will come later. What I am seeking is advice on how to get started enjoying the RV lifestyle.
We have never owned any type of RV, although I have on numerous occasions rented a class C motor home with several buddies to travel to NASCAR events and Football games for as long as 5 days and am very comfortable with all that goes with it.
Not wanting to wait until we are both retired to venture into this; we have begun over the last year and a half to attend RV shows in our area to see what the industry has to offer. In that time we have come to the conclusion that although there are some very nice travel trailers, 5th wheels and class C units out there, we would prefer the creature comforts and convenience that a class A has to offer.
Our problem at this point is that even if we knew exactly what we wanted Make, Model, New, Used etc. Our current schedules would preclude any kind of serious use.
While my schedule allows me the time to get away during the spring and summer, my wife’s job as a General Manager at a country club restricts her ability to get away for any extended length of time from April to mid October.
I have suggested to her that initially to see if we were going to like the lifestyle and all that goes with it we would probably want to look into renting a unit several times for various lengths of time as time would allow. The problem with this is that this can cost anywhere from $1500 to $2500 a week depending on the season.
This is certainly cheaper than purchasing a unit, even a used unit that would sit more than it would get used giving rise to all the problems that can crop up associated with an idle unit. The $7000 to $12000 you might spend over the 3 to 5 years renting could be better served towards a down payment on something.
That being said does anyone know if there are any programs out there that would allow some one to purchase from a dealer, a motor home that when not being used by the owner would go into the dealers rental fleet to help offset the cost eventually being used towards a trade in, if so, any thoughts, Pro’s Con’s etc?
By the way even when we are both retired, because of kids, grandkids etc I don’t see us being full timers immediately but would anticipate disappearing for 4 to 5 weeks at a time.
Thanks for any thoughts, advice, opinions, experiences.
Again sorry for the lengthy rambling.

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Hey BeerMan, welcome to the forum. Since you will not be retiring for 3 to 5 years and your schedules seem to preclude any serious long term RVing, I would recommend you save your money and buy a Motor Home when you retire. The depreciation is big in the first 3 years. You RV would be sitting there depreciating while you watched it grow old.

Second option would be to buy a used gas Motor Home and camp if and when you can and when you are ready to retire, sell it and buy a new one. Probably won't cost as much as renting or the depreciation on a new one now.

I think what you would really like to do is time share for a few years, but I haven't heard of any dealers or organization that do time sharing on RV's.

We waited 19 years to get out on the road and it was hard, but worth the wait. Your biggest problem will be getting away from grandkids. You just have to make choices. Heck you can't hardly get out of the State in a 4 to 5 week period. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


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DL, Thanks for the welcome.
We are thinking the same thing regarding the purchase of something used to get us through the 3 to 5 years before we have the freedom, in schedule anyway, to be gone for longer stretches.
We live up in the northeast (Massachusetts) so for the limited amount of time we may be able to get away to use it, destinations are reasonably close. The problem with that is when she can get some time to get away it is spare of the moment so finding a spot on short notice becomes an issue.
Anyway we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for oportunities and will continue to vist shows in our area.
Again thanks for the welcome and your input it's greatly appreciated.


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Re: Newbie first post

Agree with DL buy used now and enjoy. Even before retiring if I was going to buy new I would purchase at least a year before retiring. Time to get the bugs out. None will be trouble free. I personally like to buy a well cared for used one or two year old so some of the high dollar depreciation is on the new buyer. They really depreciate a lot the first five years.


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I agree with DL and Nash ,, buy a used one fairly cheap and in good condition ,, and see what u like about it ,, that way when u retire u can buy ,new, and step right on in ,, but beware,, all new coaches have bugs (not the ones that crawl around) but type that are ,, say drawers falling off ,,, knobs and such....
I myself grew up rving ,, my parents started out in a conversion van,, then moved up to a slide in camper for a PU,,, then onto a small class (20ft),,
Then onto a bigger class A (34ft) and then now to the one i own (which also the parents bought) A 40ft Alegro Bus DP ,,,, I learned alot while out camping ,,, and even though both of parents were retired they never really got out and went ,, it was not a money thing ,, but a don't really want go thing,,, we camped on weekends and such ,, and long week vacations..
I myself would go anytime that time will alow ,,, I am not retired ,, nor is the wife ,,, but i have a farm to run and also a rv repair bussiness (with 4 employees)....
But i do get out for months at a time ,,, but when i sell everything and hit the road LOOK OUT cause even the FBI won't know where to find me ,, sorry for the long post ,, just getting my opinnion in ,, DL and Nash will never let me get any post in at all :laugh: :clown:
Oh bty ,, welcome to the forum ,, don't be afraid of any question ,, cause ther is never a dumb one on here ,, most of have already covered the stupid stuff and will do it agian :laugh: ;) :eek:


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For what its worth, I agree with all the previous replys on this subject. In purchasing a used MH of good quality and care, you can agree on places you want to go when the time permits. That way you get a sampling of the RV life and all that goes with it. Its like nothing else... :)
And also...welcome to the forum.


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There are dealers who offer a lease back plan gut I have never known anyone who was involved in one and have only once or twice seen a post by one who does so. It would not hurt to look into such plans, although I don't think that I would do it. I really don't want some stranger sleeping in my bed, but it would be little different than using a rental unit. I would try doing a search on the internet using the term "RV lease back" and see what you find.