Newbie here - Is one brand better than another?

We are in the market for a 30ft TT with at least 1 slide. Can anyone suggest which brands we should concentrate our efforts on? Ideally, we'd like to find a newer used model, but new is not completely out of the question. Online, we saw a Jayco Eagle - it looked pretty nice. Additionally, we saw in person an Outback and a Pilgrim. They both looked like they would meet our criteria. Are we barking up the wrong tree as far as quality goes? Are there any brands we should stay away from? 3nd question - what about resale? Would we take a huge hit if we bought new? Please help us! Any feedback would be appreciated!


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Re: Newbie here - Is one brand better than another?

Generally, you will take a significant hit if you buy new. The exception would be if you find a new last years model, and deal well. I ended up getting my new last years model trailer (with full warranty) at the low end of the USED price. Took me 2 months of dealing though...
Re: Newbie here - Is one brand better than another?

There are 3 types of trailer, entry level, mid-grade, and premium grade. Everyones idea about entry level trailers differs. I say that basicly any trailer that costs less than $1500.00 per linear foot is entry level. That doesn't mean that they aren't good trailers just that there are better ones out there. The thing to do if you can is tour a factory of one you are interested in. See how it is put together and don't listen to the hype. Also think about the weather where you will be storing it when not in use. If it is damp alot of the time you may want to get one with an aluminum frame. If its hot and dry you may want one that the walls aren't glued on(heat sometimes makes the glue turn loose). Check with your local non-affiliated technician(not at a dealership) and get his opinion on different makes. I like Artic Fox, Sunnybrook, Kountry Aire(New Mar), and certain Keystone models.