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Greetings, gang. I feel like I know some of you, been reading a while. Decided it was time to come out and join the conversation and start asking some more specific questions.

We're considering putting our house on the market and going full time for a year to a year and half until we figure out where we want to land. We know it's not here (Memphis area). We'll be exploring three primary areas: Nashville and vicinity, which we'll probably use as sort of a base, Florida and Minnesota. Where we buy land and start building our off-grid home will depend on a lot of factors.

Right now the plan is to get a Ford F250 turbo-diesel and a 5th wheel. The F250 will come in handy when we start building and a 5th wheel because they tow and maneuver easier. We currently have a very low mileage Coachman Class C. 24 foot. Far too small to spend more than a weekend but we can use it to explore.

We have not started reviewing models and floor plans yet. We have two months before I put the house on the market and at least another 60 days after that to have the plan finalized. We'll have enough income on the road to live without scrimping.

I'm trying to keep the 5th wheel price around $30-$35K, from what I've seen so far we should be able to get something decent in that range.

It's just me, the wife and two dogs.


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Re: Newbie introduction

Hello Chris and welcome, if you are looking for a good 5th wheel I recommend you contact Ken at Gran View Trailer Sales. He is as honest of a dealer you would want. I have know Ken for several years and even camp with him and his wife. I do order things from his on line store, and I am very satified customer. You can find him here on the forum. Good luck in the furure :laugh: :laugh: