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My wife and I are preparing to hit the full time circuit. Need guidance on pros/cons of 5th wheel with dualie vs. Class A. Will be carrying a motorcycle. Also info on registering vehicle as a residence and best states for tax purposes. Any and all help is appreciated.
Newbie Needs Info

read forum RV TIPS AND TRICKS (big mistakes) for pros and cons ,MH / 5er . lots of other forums about towing doubles . you might need a tow hauler 5er to take your bike, or class A with pull behind trailer .there is a wealth of knowledge in rvusa forums it just takes time to scan thru the topics to find the ones that will help. TEAM3360


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Newbie Needs Info


1) Class A with either a trailer for the bike, or a hitch mounted carrier (if it is fairly light, say 500 lbs or less). Great for going from stop to stop, but a major pain to get around once you reach a destination. May be able to get around this by towing a small pickup and carrying the bike in the bed.
2) Fifth wheel 'toy hauler'. Usually the only practical way to carry a bike, as the hitch takes up most of the pickup bed and usally can't mount any decent sized bike on a trailer. Pretty good for going from stop to stop, and not too bad getting around once you get there. A bit more trouble to set up but usally not prohibitive. Main problem would be having the bike in your 'living room'.
3) Travel trailer with the bike in the bed of your tow vehicle. More of a pain to tow (unless you have the best hitch, set up right) and hook up. Lower ceilings (if you are tall). I've heard the TTs tend to have less storage, but have no experiance to confirm.