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Hello to all I am on my first camping trip in my new used travel trailer. It is a Cherokee 27l and my Expedition seem to pull it fine. Everything seem to work fine on the camper except one of the pleated light filtering blinds it is a double blind you can pull one down to filter light or the 2nd one down over it to filter out more light. The problem is when you put them in the up position
they just slide rite back down and do not stay up. how do I adjust this blind so it will stay up?

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Butch, be very careful when you tighten the string. It is just cotton and it will break. There are two short springs in the top bar that is holding the tension on each side. On mine you run your blind up 5 or 8 inches from the bottom, grab one side string, and pull down to stretch the spring some more. Then you make another wrap on a stationary knob at the end of the string.

The trouble is that the knob's diameter on mine represents about an inch of string length, and the springs in the top quickly reached their max "stretch". That only leaves the string to stretch, and cotton string doesn't stretch very far. My experience with the strings is with the new replacement blinds I got, and in disecting the "old" ones.

On our Winnebago the string in one of the blinds just broke while we were driving down the road. Winnebago replaced both blinds without even a whimper and over the telephone, too!
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Thanks I will be going home after while and I will let you know I am famous for breaking stuff so I can use the tip.

Thanks again


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Hey Tex, how did Winnebago get thru that telephone line to replace your blinds. Did they take the broken ones back thru the same telephone line? I bet they whimpered when they were squeezing thru that telephone line....... :laugh: :laugh:

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My 12 year old Hitchhiker II has gone through about 7 different day/night shade strings breaking. The hard part is getting somebody with enough smarts to fix them. most blind companies won't touch them. I've spent enough (approximately $50/shade) to buy all new ones, but when it happens 1 at-a-time, it's easier/cheaper to just get it repaired when or if you can.
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If you need to fix a blind again go to He will sell you the kit for about $20 with step by step instructions. It is not that hard to do your self.
Good Luck