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Hello - I just picked up my new Jayco 23B Hybrid trailer this last weekend and wow, what a good time. After all the past years of tenting it, I cannot believe the difference.

Since I am new to trailer camping, I have a few questions. First of all, how does everyone handle a campgound that does not have city water? I filled my fresh water tank up, but unfortunately even with taking short showers and using water very sparingly, I was unable to last more than 2.5 days. The campgound had 1 water hookup that I was able to fill up again, but waht a pain to have to tear down and hook up the trailer again to take it to that location. Is there another way to do this?

Also, I am a weekend camper. Do you recommend keeping the fresh water in the tanks all week when I am not using the trailer, or should I drain it after each weekend?

Do some campgrounds have dump stations right at each single capsite? I found myself nearly full on the black and grey water tanks also after the weekend.

Thanks for all you input!

Dan Sanderson

Gary B

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Newbie questions

Hi Dan, welcome to the forum, good to hear you had a great time, and all went well, most commerical campgrounds have what are called full hook ups were you have water sewer & electrical connections, at state and federal(public) campgrounds some have water and electrical hook ups, most don't have sewer other than a dump station. If you don't have water readily available you have to be very conservitive, we carry a couple of 2.5 gal. jugs and carry water that way. :) :bleh: :approve:


Newbie questions


Personaly I don't like to use the water in the tanks for drinking. Some do some don't. Since I don't drink it this is what I do. First of all in the camper I just drain the tank either on the way home or when I get home and fill fresh when I get ready to leave again. On the boat I have to leave water in the tanks for longer periods of time. Here is the trick. About a cap full of clorox for every 20 gallons of water in the tank with a half box of bakeing soda. This will keep your tanks fresh but remember "DON'T DRINK THE WATER"!!!!!
The clorox will keep anything from growing in the lines if the water stays in for long periods.

Hop this helps


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Newbie questions

I learned this trick last summer from a fellow 5th wheel camper. With a pick-up truck this is easy. With a car or SUV it may be a little more difficult.

I place a clean 20 gal. storage container (plastic tub) in the truck bed and I fill it from a potable water faucet. I then use a boater's bilge pump (it is quite small and light weight) and my water hose to pump the water from the tub into my 5th wheel's tank.

The bilge pump runs on 12 volts dc (I plug it into my cig. lighter socket) and I use a small bilge pump that is suppose to pump 500 gallons per hours (less if you pump to a higher elevation).

My pump empties the 20 gallon tub in less than 3 minutes. Best of all, I paid less than $20 for the pump.


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Newbie questions

I have the same set up as you and also just bought our 23B. We have gone on one camping trip and have the same feeling as you since we tent camped before.

My tip is to take showers at the campground facilities (often free and you can take longer showers). Also use the campground facilities to go to the bathroom during the day to avoid filling the black water tank and draining the fresh.

C Nash

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Newbie questions

You will be suprised how you will learn to conserve even more as you camp each time. Just carry extra deodorent :laugh: Ever wonder why we campers begin to smell after a week of boondocking. Don't light the hot water heater and you will be suprised how quick you can bath or better yet bath together :eek: course thats assuming you are not camping with your buddies :evil: