Newbie with questions


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After waiting 8 months for my 21D I’m picking it up on 6/1. During the 8 months I have reviewed and searched many sites, feeds, etc and 3 questions remain unanswered. Q1: best extended warranty or if needed? Q2: best wheel & tire emergency service? Q3: best roadside assistance. Being a newbie I have no clue regarding the answers to these questions


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Q1.... I'm not sure what a 21D is, but assuming it is an RV I suggest that you take a look at Wholesale Warranties as they have a good reputation. Before you make up your mind, read this article about warranties and how to choose one.
Q2.... For this I would talk to your favorite tire shop that carried the make of tires your RV has.
Q3.... There are 2 Roadside Assistance companies that I can suggest. First would be the Escapees RV Club Road Service and if you are not a club member then I'd suggest Coach.Net as I have had good service from both.