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This is my first post on this site, so bear with me if I violate protocol. I'm sure these questions have been asked a million times, so again, give me some space!!
My wife and I are considering purchase of a pickup and pickup camper -- new truck and used camper. Before I start the painful local truck shopping, would sure appreciate some input.
Are pickup campers truck specific i.e. -- would an eight foot brand X camper fit only in a Ford, or is there commonality in bed dimensions and thus campatiblity with more than one truck mfg.?
Albiet a can of worms type question, but what general (or specific )guidelines should I follow in choosing a truck. Is there a viable data source on the net that I could access?
I have other questions, but don't want to take-up more time than I should. Again, sure would appreciate some counsel!!
Have a nice evening, everyone!

Lloyd :laugh: :)

Gary B

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HI Lloyd, welcome to the forum, don't worry about asking question or if your asking to many, thats what the forum is all about, we try to help each other! :) Most campers will fit most trucks, but I understand some of the newer model truck are slightly smaller in the tailgate area. Like the 2000 and newer, and I know for sure that the 1999 and newer Ford superdutys have a taller cab then the older ones some with some campers its necessary to build about a 3to4" platform for the camper to sit on so it'll clear the cab. If your thinking of anything larger the a 8' popup you'll really need a 3/4 ton. 3/4 tons can handle 8' to 9.5' campers real well and maybe a 10' if its not real heavy. For the most part any campers 10 and over are best on a 1 ton. The larger campers get pretty heavy so you need to know the campers loaded wt and the trucks carrying cap. Longbed trucks will give 10 flod more choices of camopers then the shortbeds, althought most mfg. are now building shortbed models but they are few and far between. Good luck with the search and ask any question you have. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:

Hi Gary,
Thanks so much for your reply -- the onliest one!!! Points well taken. Do you know if there is a kind of general info site for dummies like me? I'm the only customer who ever asked for directions when I bought a hammer -- so mechanically I'm not.
So I will be at the mercy of a smooth salesperson if I don't research this enough to know exactly what my truck should be. Thanks again, Gary.
Looks like a neat and informational site. Have to visit more often.
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Welcome to the forum. Keep asking your questions right on this site. Lots of great folks will give you info/guidance that is really great. Gary is one of the "Best".
I was kind of like you when I first bought our Class A, but after using this site for the last two years....I kind of feel like an ole salt. Still got lots to learn, but have learned a heck of a lot.
Keep'll get answers.. ;) :cool: :laugh: :)

Hi Lloyd, I dont know what your specific needs and wants in a camper are, but thought I'd mention that Pop-Ups & Truck-Campers are allmost as costly as a nice TT or 5er. Yet very lacking in room & comforts compared to a TT or 5er. That's just my opinion, but something you may want to look at for yourself before buying. Hope you find what you're looking for. :) P.S. & have a huge selection of private party used Rv's of all types, you can enter the criteria & state that you want & just pull up those adds that apply to what your looking for, most adds have pics as well.

:eek: Do I see a new truck here :eek: .

Don't let them sell you a half ton. :(

:) Your gonna need a 2500 or a 3500 to carry any size of camper except the very smallest. If you want to upgrade to a 5er later, the bigger truck will handle it a lot better then a 1500 series. :approve:

The rating plate on a truck will tell you the maximum cargo capacity of the truck with a 150# person in each seat. Subtract from that number any accessories you add to the truck and for any heavier people. That will give you the absolute heaviest load the truck can carry. Remember that such features as extended cabs, four wheel drive, & bigger engines add weight to the truck thus taking away from the carrying capacity. Most owner's manuals will give additional information re: camper loading.
A truck with additional cpacity is a good idea because truck campers are quite topheavy and have a very noticable effect on the ride and handling of your truck.
That said, if you can make good use of a heavy duty pickup anyway, it's not a bad way to go. If the truck will only be used to carry the camper, a small classC motorhome might be a better way to go.