Newbies in Baltimore, MD need information.


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Dear Folks,

We have inherited a 22' Class "C" Mallard Sprinter and the only thing we know about RV'ing is that we'd like to try it. We need all sorts of information, including things we are just too new to know to ask. I posted under another subject heading and a poster advised sharing our location in order to find someone nearby with whom we might consult. It would be a great help if a person near us could tell us where to get this RV inspected, serviced and repaired. I'll post specific problems under separate subject headings.

Thanks, in advance, for any and all help getting started.


Jeanne M. Godley-Davis
Newbies in Baltimore, MD need information.


I figure the best thing you can do is get on severial forums and listen and learn. By the way welcome to this one.

Look in the phone book for dealers. They will be able to do the inspection. I know of a place down your way but don't remember the name. They are around. If you have any questions for sure post em. You will be many different answers to the same question. All you have to do is pick the one you like. "There's more than one way to skin a cat".

What are you towing with? This is a good place to start. After your sure your rig is safe, probably the best thing to do is to get out there and find the questions. The best way to figure what you don't know is to try it and realize it.
Newbies in Baltimore, MD need information.

Hi Newbies,
Craig here in CT. Along with open forum,I would highly recommend joining Good Sam Club and then you get the highways magazine. There are several books that they recommend that could be helpful to you. I would also be very cautious of those high pressure membership campgrounds, unless you plan to use their campgrounds consistently you could loose a lot of cash. 1st off the line make sure you have good tires,no cracks or low tread and also get the brakes checked, you did not mention the year but I assume its several years old. Change the oil and regulary,every 3-4000 miles. Also if their is a GOOD mechanic you know have them check out the unit fully, if it has been idle for a while some things might need adjustment. You did not mention your experiance driving a wide vechicle, try going to a large empty parking lot and practice your driving. There are a lot of things you will learn in the next few years, remember the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!! Happy camping..Craig
Newbies in Baltimore, MD need information.

Hello Baltimore Newbies!
Maybe by now you don't need any more advice ... but here's some thoughts anyway from an "seasoned veteran" who has eight months' experience. Last spring we bought a 23' Class C (Four Winds) and have so far traveled from Rochester, NY to Florida and back and in July went to from Rochester to San Diego (and back). Next week we're heading to Atlanta for a holiday gathering (we split the driving about 50-50).

Neither of us had any experience with an RV, or driving a vehicle that large. We bought the Class C because just looking at those huge Class A's was daunting. The first month or so we took short trips around our home area and never actually stayed overnight in it until we went on our first trip to Florida. Some people recommend camping out in your driveway for a test -- not a bad idea. Long story short, as long as you're comfortable with the mechanics of it all (we have found a small repair shop that we're much happier with than the local RV dealer rip-off artists), do the parking lot practice, and use common sense, you'll do fine. Will add that people we've met along the way in RV parks have been most helpful and friendly.

Good luck. Best, Shelly