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We bought a 1989 Pace Arrow motorhome in California from a private party so that we could avoid paying sales tax. We planned to register in Washington State and found out that they want us to pay sales tax for it. I've heard about Good Sams in Pensacola Florida and wonder how to get in touch with them for information about Florida residency. This has become quite the challenge. Thanks for any info you in the know might be willing to share. :shy:


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Newly retired / Full time RVing

You may also wish to consider Texas. The Escapees RV Club, can be very helpful and they have a mail service. I suggest that you check them out.
Newly retired / Full time RVing

We used the Good Sam operation in Pensacola for 4+ years and it is a first class operation. They will provide you with all of the forms to switch your residency and obtain drivers licenses, voting privileges, etc. FL is a no tax state and vehicle registration fees are cheap i.e. 99 Class A and 99 Jeep cost $84 total/yr. Also had good reports about the Escapees operation. :cool:
Newly retired / Full time RVing

Thank you for your information. I went to the Good Sams Florida web site but was unable to find any info regarding motorhome registration. Is is probably my lack of RVing info. We are green as grass when it comes to the RVing lifestyle. :laugh:
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Call their 800 # and discuss with them. They do provide all the forms to transfer your residence i.e. voting, registering your vehicles, licenses, etc. :cool:
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Hi Larry, I called the (800) 234-3450 # and the woman I spoke with said that she could not give me any info on mail forwarding or residency forms. What am I doing wrong? :(