Newmar Canyon Star 3714....2012 model

I am looking to purchase my first Rv and have looked at this model by Newmar. It is a 2012 model but new...37 ft long and gas powered.Does anyone have any comments or tips,my concerns it too long and heavy to be gas powered it a reliable coach.Thanks


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Sorry I cant help, I am a Diesel man. When I need to go up hills pulling my Terrain, I go. If you are pulling a car and traveling through Mountains, you might want to consider a Diresel. However, I am on my second Diesel MH and have neveer had a Gasser so I could be wrong.


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well I have a 36' Southwind with a 8.1 workhorse gas engine, and I pull a Saturn where ever we go. We have been to SD. AZ. and all the states between GA to SD. I have not had a problem with the gas engine pulling up the hills we went up or down. Now if you can do it as I do ,I change the oil, filter and lube it myself. That is one of the reason I bought the gasser. To do a diesel, be ready to get off the pocket book, IT COST and IT COST A LOT. But if I had the exyra bucks when I bought mine, well yes I would have gotten one. But since then I have found out the diesels needs to be on the road alot and as of now , I am not there yet. So we are happy with the gasser

C Nash

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We have the V10 Ford gasser in a 34 ft with two slides and tow a chev Tracker or Saturn Vue. We towed the Tracker all the way to Alaska and back with no problems. Having said that think I would go diesel in a 38 footer. See you made the post back in Nov so tell us what you decided.