Newmar Roof

We were out shopping for a used motor home and found a Kountry Air we liked.
After my husband went up the ladder to see the roof we changed out minds.
What is up with all the patches on the roofs. Are all Kountry Air motor homes this way?
RE: Newmar Roof

We looked at other Kountry Air and it had 1,000 screws in the roof with a sealant over them. Does the manufacture screw the roofs down from the top?
Re: Newmar Roof

Not normally. You should only see screws at the end caps and vents and things. If there are screws through the roof something is screwy.
RE: Newmar Roof

Don't know why but Newmar seems to do that. Tons of screws through the roof. They build a good MH so they hopefully know what they're doing but agree that that seems to open up another can of worms with all the potential leak holes.
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I have a 1995 Kountry Aire, The roof was leaking bady (lack of words) I cleaned roof and there were 1 " screws every 2" along the of the entire roof perimeter. Applied 4' Eternabond along all the seams and waalaaa, all the leaks are now history. I know the history of the MH and I'm pretty sure Newmar installed the screws. I think some research is in order.