Nissan pathfinder we're pretty new


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Last summer we traveled from Fla to Wash State towing a Chalet Arrowhead folding trailer with our 04 Pathfinder V6. It was a GREAT trip with very few troubles , we got good gas Mi. and had no handling problems. It was our first adventure in a RV and we fell in love. Now we want to upgrade, the Pathfinder is rated to pull 5,000#. We've looked some and it appears that we will have to go to a trailer. I had never in my life pulled any kind of a trailer till last summer, and the thoughts of pulling a full size one is rather scary. Last summer we seen several that were all over the road, and many more that were not traveling more than the legal minimim speed. Neither situation is accepable to us. We'd like to know what is considered a reasonable length for our pathfinder. Last week we went looking at Keystone lite weights, first thing he tried selling us on a sway
bar. That was an immediate turn off. Experiences and advice is welcome. I like the looks of a Hi Lo ( have not seen it in the flesh yet) but the one that interests us appears to push the weight limit. we looked at Trail manor but it is not for us. I prefer to stay at 20 foot or close to it. There is just the 2 of us and we only want a tad more room with bath facilities. Of course we will be taking our 2 Doxies, they stayed home last summer w/ a sitter , but never again. Thanks Jerry


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Nissan pathfinder we're pretty new

You will not like to hear this but the first thing you need to do is upgrade from the V6 Pathfinder to a V8 and I would get a 3/4 ton truck. You are asking for trouble if you start pulling a bigger trailer with the Pathfinder. I suggust a 24 foot 5th wheel trailer after you get the right pulling vehicle. I can see you shaking your head already.......remember, life is to short to take chances.

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Nissan pathfinder we're pretty new

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We had a customer who had a Pathfinder with same engine. We sold her a 21' Amerilite that weighed 3,340. She used it two years with the Pathfinder. (She does now want a fifth wheel and did just get a 3/4 ton truck, but she did not buy the truck to keep towing her 21'.) She did however say that trailer was ALL the Pathfinder wanted even though it is rated for much more. If you are just towing on interstate, it was fine, but she does not stay on interstate.

There are lots of trailers out there you can tow, but I agree with the dealer you talked to. You will need some sort of sway control. The Pathfinder is a short wheelbase vehicle and a trailer will move it around. The sway control will make a huge difference.