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Hi--I am very new to this. I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer for and would appreciate any help. I am trying to post my Dad's Pace Arrow on line to sell. All the classified's want a model listing and we cannot find one. I went to his house, saw the registration papers and even the sticker on the door did nothave a model listed. How do I go about finding what it is?

Here is the info--if anyone can tell me what it is! Thanks,Janis

'93 Pace Arrow, 37'MH. 460 Ford engine, tag axle, twin AC, Qn bed, sleeps 6, 2 TV's, washer/dryer. ID 3FCMF53GXNJAO5878. Gas.

Anyone know this RV? Thanks

Gary B

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no model #

Hi Janis, its a Fleetwood, the model is a Pace Arrow 37? on the door tag it should say 37 (J or M or what ever) hope this helps happy trails GB
no model #

Thank you ! The door sticker has nothing on it--in fact it doesn't look like it has been rubbed off, it looks like nothing was ever printed on it to fill in the appropriate spaces. So--how do I find out if it's J orM?--I suppose it will be ok to just put PaceArrow 37 on the form. Thanks again for the help and for being so quick about replying! Janis