no turn signals on left


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well i want to thank everybody that e-mail with help. i tried all the
things that everybody said but to no avail. good turn switch, good flasher, all the wires test ok, tail lights work fine ( i hook a batt. up to taillight harness),must be a bad wire connection, i'v spent 3 days under this monster, from front to back on the ground rolling around, unpluged all the harness and all the wires test ok.
so much for tring to repair and or find the proublem. i went to the fuse box under the hood an the fuses for the r an l sig. had power to them so i took the fuse out and ran new wires from the hot side of the fuse block back to the gulfstream rear harness and the tail lights
work now, so i go to get it inspected and the back up lights stay on,
but it was the backup light switch stuck because after a good long drive they went out. thanks again



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no turn signals on left


I didnt see where you indicated the bulb was checked. I would assume that was a natural, however, you might swap the bulbs from the left to right just to verify the bulb is good. Sometimes they can appear visually OK, and even though the brake lights work, I dont know that I would conclude the turn indicator element is good too.

Just a thought.

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no turn signals on left

Ron,If you get back to this post I have an idea-But I hope you found your problem bt now.I had a '89 class ccobra that had that problem,guess what---It was in the steering head,ther is a rocking switch mechanism in ther that the left turn side was broken.Cost $2 to fix with a part from Auto Zone.GL