Norcold 110V heater element

My refrigerator was only working in LP mode when I bought my 5W, and while troubleshooting, I found a blown 5A fuse in the rear of the fridge, replacing it - it blows again......anyhow, I ended up finding that the AC heater element has a ground short, but I cannot for the life of me find a way to remove it! :angry: It is stuck pretty badly, maybe a little rust holding it in. There is a tube beside it that was originally intended for a 12V heater element - can I just buy a new AC element and drop in the other tube? Or is there some trick to removing the original

Norcold 682 BK refrigerator
Norcold 110V heater element

Yes your frig has a 2c female socket. Just buy p.n.621702 norcold element or generic match and slide it in socket. Good luck.