norcold 8683 fridge

I have a 88 winnabago superchief that the norcold fridge is acting up in, it works fine on LP but will not work on AC, anyone have any ideas on where I would start troubleshooting the system?



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I had a problem with my 89 Chieftain similar to that and it turned out to be the outlet that the fridge plugged into under the fridge. Use an extension cord and plug the fridge into it and then into another outlet that you are sure works. Or/ just check the current outlet. Just a thought
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Thanks Archer, I have good power to the fridge, also all of the control switches indicator lights are working when switched on.


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I had a similar prob with mine ,, but the lights on the control panel never showed ac ,, so any way i checked it out and found that the ac element shorted out the board ,, so i replaced both of them ,,, from what u'r saying IMO i think u'r ac element is out,,,
Bty u can get the element thru PPL or u'r local norcold dealer ,, i was lucky they had 4 of mine in stock,,,
the board and the element cost me around 150.00
Also if u'r refrig is 12 volt also i would replace it while there ,, it has to come out to replace the 110 element...
Bty i have heard from a few of my dealers that if the fridge is over 7 years old it's kinda a good idea to replace the ac element ,, they get sediment on them from the heating up and cooling down ,, and also the long off time..
They say u can clean them up but it's only a temp fix ,,, if u'r good at mech. stuff it's easy to do and the labor will save u enough to purchase the element
;) :)
If u have any doubts about this replacement post me back,,, believe me it's a breese to do ;)
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Thanks 730,
I am waiting for the elements to arrive, The AC element was actually a lttle black,and smells like it got hot.
and you are right, it is a simple fix. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE INFO!!