Norcold refer woes


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I struggled with a Norcold double door refer turning itself off for months before I solved the mystery, thought I would share. Some quick background, this is a Pace Arrow Class A gas. Had the recall on the overheat done, 3 times actually. The refer would run all night but when I opened and closed the doors, usually one then the other, the refer would shut down. But.... the little 'on' indicator light on the panel would stay on for awhile and I could not shut it off by the power switch. Two trips to the dealer later they thought I was nuts, they could not get it to repeat.
So I decided to try all the variables, air on, air off. Lights on, lights off. Bingo, if the factory fluorescent in the middle of the coach was on and I opened/closed the refer door, off it goes. The ballast must have been sending some weird feedback to the power supply that caused an issue when the refer lights came on.
I replaced the ceiling light with an LED kit and all is well.... as well as it gets for a Norcold anyway...