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Hi there, I have a Norcold N81X fridge that needs the board reset. Anyone know the dealer procedure for this ? Thanks in advance---Proflow
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Thanks, its actually N811RT. I havnt had any luck searching that though. Any help would be great ! Thanks--Proflow
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You have a 8 cu ft. refer. I am assuming you are getting the 5 flashs of lights inside on the front panel.

If it it fairly new refer., remove the cover off the circuit board. You will see a 16 pin connector. You will have to replace the wires removed to get the cover off. Go inside and turn the refer on gas. You will see the lights flashing. Go back to the panel outside.

On the top row, left, there is a wire in the far left pin location. The one just right to it is empty. You will have to make a jump wire out of about 12 gauge wire 8" long. Strip each end about a 1/2". Stick one in into the empty slot next to far left top. Ground the other end to any ground, the wiring ground, the LP copper will even work. Hold this for 45 seconds.

While you hold the wire to ground, you will hear the refer click and eventually fire on gas. You are reset.
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I wish I had that board, mines different. It has 6 pins upper left & 10 on the bottom. Still looking, thanks though ! Proflow


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If you send me a pm I will send my email and I can send you a copy of the service manual for it in .pdf format.