North Carolina 3-4star RV Sites

Wife and I want to try a top rated RV Site somewhere in NC in August.
Any great sites come to mind? Would like space and a view ...
The better one we stayed at lately was American Heritage RV near Williamsburg Va.
Thanks Guys & Gals >>>

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Re: North Carolina 3-4star RV Sites

Pick up a Woodall's book of RV sites or a Trailer Life book of the same. They give more than a star rating. Addresses and phone numbers are handy to have, and the ads tell you something about local attractions.

It just occured to me that you might have one of those books and wish a confirmation, but remember that RV parks can change quickly, too. Sometimes the weather has a big effect on how well a site is run on any one visit. Perhaps a majority of employees were cleaning up broken branches after a big storm and couldn't get the garbage picked up as usual. I've seen that happen at a site we pulled into. I thought it was bad service, but they were just extra busy!
Re: North Carolina 3-4star RV Sites

69Corps, where in NC do you want to stay? Mountains, Beach, Piedmont? We used to live in NC and found a campground in the Mountains, near West Jefferson, by the name of Raccoon Holler ( It is withing sight of the Blue Ridge parkway, Mt Jefferson and the New River. The scenery is quite remarkable and there are lots of trails, waterfalls, etc. nearby. We just moved to Williamsburg and if you liked American Heritage then you will love Raccoon Holler.
Re: North Carolina 3-4star RV Sites

We were recently in that area, as we stayed at Rivercamp USA on
the New River. Liked being on the river but the overall site didn't fare well.
Will try Raccon Holler next and are planning another trip to Williamsburg in the fall to American Heritage.
Thanks for the information.