Northern Cross Country Route?

Which route would you say is the best crossing the country across the northern route? We're driving a class A motor home from MD to KY to WA. I personally would like to avoid toll roads, but if they are strongly recommended then we'll take them. However -- I-94? I-90? or I-80? Any suggestions? (I will be going to AAA later to pick up some maps and travel-ticks (little maps with route and suggestions). Many thanks in advance. :question: :question: :cool: :cool:


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Northern Cross Country Route?

If you just drive on the interstate highways, your gonna miss a whole lot of the Good Ole USA sites and sounds. It's the little things ya see on a trip like that that you will remember forever....the little stop at a small town grocery store, or city park, running stream, etc. You can't see them from the interstates.
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Northern Cross Country Route?

Hi Crymath, I-80 is a very busy route many many trucks, last time I drove it west from NE thur Wyo it was ruff and busy. I-90 takes you accross South Dakota and thur the Black Hills very nice great place to explore abit, then on to Devils Tower Wyo. and up to Billings, Mont. and then west to Wa. I-94 depending on where you get on goes thur Wis, (I-90 also) MN. and North Dakota, western ND has Medora & Teddy Roosvelt NP both very nice, 3 campgrounds all very nice, then on to Billings, Mont. Of course there many more things to see along the way. Have a great trip. ;)
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Ed H.

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Northern Cross Country Route?

I have to agree with Archer. The wife, baby & I went to New Hampshire last weekend, about 2 1/2 hours by interstate, but came back on a regular state highway. The return trip took 5+ hours but the stuff we saw was well worth it. The trick is balancing the sightseeing with the need to get home for work, school, etc. but a few hours of riding on the "low roads" will always add to the trip.