Now, about the Inverter?

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Am I confused or missing something? I've got a XANTREX Freedom 458 Inverter. The book says it 2000 watts and 100 amps DC.

Seems to me it should be able to run at least ONE airconditioner, but when we've tried the AC just doesn't kick on, and we have to revert to the generator.

What am I missing? :question:



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Re: Now, about the Inverter?

The 2000 watts is OUTPUT and the 100 amps in INPUT. Power = Voltage x Current, so the OUTPUT current would be at most 16.7 amps, which probably is not enough to start an A/C unit which needs a very large initial push. Don't forget that there are losses in the inverter system, and other things in the RV using some of the power. And even if the inverter would start an A/C, it would not run it for very long before the batteries were depleted. Because of the large start up current and heavy draw, I suspect most A/C units are not even connected to the inverter output.

Besides. 100amps in x 12 volts is only 1200 watts in. Hard to imagine how they expect to get 2000 watts out... I would think they would need at least 167 amps in to qualify as 2000 watts out.