NPS plan for the Everglades


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I implore all of you to visit
http"// select Everglades NP from the drop down box, then Flamingo CSP/EA and "Open for Public Comments" Read and comment on the alternatives.
The NPS is proposing to reduce the number of RV sites as they build employee and concession housing.
Make your comments known.


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Re: NPS plan for the Everglades

I just completed reading of that report, with great interest due to the fact that we are considering a volunteer position at that park for the winter of 2008/09. After reading it, I made the following comments:

As an RV owner and one who spends a great deal of time as a volunteer in National Parks and wildlife refuges, I feel very strongly that the elimination of RV and tent sites is not appropriate. Unless use records from before the storms can be shown to demonstrate a lack of use and thus no justification for reconstruction, it seems to be discriminatory to those of us who travel in RVs or in tents in favor of the more commercial ventures supported by the vendors. If the facility is to remain a park, access by all of the public including those who camp in the parks is very important.