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Greetings all. I am brand new to the RV world, and I just bought a 1979 Real-Lite 24' motor home. It has a Ford 450 engine and mechanically, it is sound. The inside needs to be gutted and I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. Here's my question: First, it came with no owner's manual. Does anyone have any idea how I can get an owner's manual for this? It was manufactured by Juno Industries in Michigan, but I can't find any information about this company. Second, there seems to be significant water damage because the guy I bought it from took off one of the roof caps 3 years ago and never put it back on. Snow, rain, etc has been coming in from the top for some time. The inside roof paneling is completely damaged by moisture and mildew. How do I get this stuff off, and what do I put in its place? Any hints on reupholstering and installing new carpet? The vehicle runs great, but smells bad and looks even worse inside. But I only paid $600 for this thing and now I want to put the time into making it look really nice on the inside. Any help from someone out there would be MUCH appreciated.
Thanks. :)


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In addition to the overall owner's manual, there should be manuals for all the major appliances. Those you might be able to get from the manufacturers of the appliances.


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I would look into tearing the walls and such out also ,, if u have that much water damge ,, then u have major structuail damage as well ,, u may even need to do a complete interior rebuild,,, walls and all,,, water does very unhappy things to rv's ,,, water and rv's don't mix at all....
If u can find a good capenter that will work on u'r rv on the side ,, i would suggest that,,, but from the way it sounds ,, u'r gonna have to gut the whole thing,,, JMO :)
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tex...i am sure there are many, many things in this world that you don't understand. the point of my thread was not to establish your level of comprehension, but to try to get some meaningful input from my fellow RV'rs. since u had absolutely nothing to contribute, may i suggest u just keep your big stinking mouth shut? i'm sure there are many projects you have taken on in the past where you weren't quite sure what you were doing, but you drew upon the guidance and help from associates and acquaintances. that's all i'm trying to do is learn. your entire contribution was "if u don't know what you're doing, why did u buy it?" are you really this stupid? seriously. are you really this stupid? i am looking for help, and when the day comes when i can lend my expertise to my fellow man, i will be happy to do so instead of dishing out worthless insults and wasting other people's time.
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thx, bro. i think u r right, so i will just have to gut it and go from there. but when i'm done, it will be beautiful! thanks again.

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Hey patev1, welcome to the forum. I would like to contribute to your request for info, but unfortunately if I can't fix my RV with some type of glue/silicon or Duck Brand "duct" tape I'm stumped. Good luck. :)


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In spite of your rather hateful reply to one of the regulars on the forum, I'll try to give a little advice. We who know TexasClodhopper also know that he meant no harm but just wondered?

The first thing that you need to do is to remove all of the old material from the ceiling and any damaged walls and inspect it very closely to see what damage has been done to the framework and the underlay of the roof. It is very likely that you will need to completely remove the roof and rebuild the entire framework that supports it, as well as to replace the underlay which keeps someone from stepping completely through. In addition, check all of the walls in any area that has signs of leaks. An RV of that age probably has all wood framework and dry rot can easily destroy the structure to a point where it will not tolerate travel on the highway. Once you remove and replace all of the damaged wood, you can then begin to reconstruct the inside of the RV. I would use one of the vinyl covered plywood products for the ceiling and either that or finish plywood for the walls. You should probably expect to need to replace at least some of the flooring as well. If there are soft spots that is a good indication that there is damage and you need to remove that and replace it with a good quality chipboard or similar product.

I suggest that you first remove all of the obvious damaged ceiling and walls and then return with information about what you find and some of us can probably give suggestions from there. This is going to be a very major job and not one to make a quick fix of.


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Guess PATEV1 hate me also, but I too, don't understand why someone would buy something that apparently needed major repairs and with no experience, why try it? I'm sure Tex will know more about RVing than you will ever dream of knowing. Sorry, but you asked for it.
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Thank you guys. I was beginning to tear up there for awhile when no one else stood up. (Actually, Cindy removed the really sick part of his comment.)

Where I made my mistake was in writing what I was thinking about, instead of thinking what I was writing about!
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As I sat here and read the question and then some of the comments and suggestions I had a few of my own but... Thanks TexasClodhopper. :)
Good luck patev1 !
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Tex sounds like he and my father are buddies. Except Tex can use a computer!

patev1- please be careful too remove and/or clean anything that would be a place for mold to grow. Check all spots throughout including closets, drawers you would not suspect. Watch your own health like coughing, bad feeling. Mold exposure is a bear.
If I were you I would go down to your local van conversion shops to get a cost estimate to get them to do it(that ought to give you the drive!) Maybe ask what their plan of attack was and then break down the job into attainable goals. I'd also take note of the layers as I was tearing off top. There's not much you won't be able to buy at Lowe's,Home depot, etc. A roof is a roof. I trust you have a garage or carport. Carpet and upholestry would be the last step and for me the easiest. I admire your enthusiasm. One day you'll be able to brag to people "I did it myself".

Walk away from the banjo. Life's too short.
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Interesting thread.... :blush:

Must say, I thought exactly the same thing when I first read it...: "why did he BUY this?" I recently passed on a Champion Class A that was tight and dry (one of the BIGGEST points, from what I understand) which wanted some renovation, but nowhere near the amount described here. That seller wanted $600.00 and was willing to deal. I passed because it had brake problems and I didn't want to fool with lying under it in the snow working on the brakes just to get it home. He (the seller) was discouraged and said he was tired of fooling with it and would probably sell it for scrap in the near future... I really don't want major renovation of any kind or repairs, anyhow. I've seen many deals under $1000.00 while shopping. My needs are "not new, worn is okay, clean is imperative, and pretty much ready to go camping is absolute".

I'm afraid the poster is guilty of not only being rude to a member I recognized right away as a knowledgeable and well liked member, but of frankly......getting "taken" himself. $600.00.....jeez......hope it didn't have to be towed home as well.... :eek:
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HELLO??? maybe we all need to be reminded that the we are chatting in the "BEGINNING RVing" forum. No need to ask WHY...simply responding to a fellow RVer request for help is all that is asked. I don't understand alot of things...but questioning why is not going to help the man get any closer to his goal. I'm pretty sure that's what this forum is centered around...help. And simply being a REGULAR doesn't entitle anyone to be rude. I'm new...my opinion is you have to start somewhere. The subject line pleads for help, not smart-elic remarks. Sorry Patev1, I just bought mine yesterday. Good luck!
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Being a new or old poster had nothing to do with anything. I was curious why someone would do that. If you stay here long enough, you'll see that we ask those questions quite often.

What none of you see is what the Webmaster removed from the reply at my request. Words to the effect that the poster wished my MH with all of my family on board would fall off a cliff and burn us all up inside before it hit the bottom and crushed anyone still alive.

That's the kind of mentality that you have defended being new here and just jumping in on an old post without knowing the history and that's all I'll say about it.

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Amen to that Tex.

Hey PushPop, welcome to the forum. Stick around and you will see that we are just a bunch of harmless, but knowledgeable RV'ers. We all have opinions and that is what this forum is all about. OPINIONS. We try to humor the wild opinions and all get along. For instance "Dodge Diesel smoke do smell better". That is my opinion. Some of the other MEMBERS of the forum don't subscribe to that particular opinion. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: However, I don't mind, I just feel sorry for them. :bleh: :approve:

We have learned that it is best not to flame each other or take umbrage with each others opinions. Some of us are blunt and that sometimes gives new forum members the wrong idea. We truly try to answer the RV questions if we happen to have any knowledge or opinions on the subject. Sometimes new members don't get a response from anyone and all that means is we don't have any experience or opinion with a particular brand or problem. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)
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Tex, I'm sorry to hear that someone could wish such horrible things on another. Very personal and very twisted. I was not defending the "individual" at all...just his right to ask for help. And to be honest Tex, I was also wondering the same...why would someone with very little or no experience take on such a project. Glad I didn't say it though...he might have me riding with you in his morbid little dreams. haha

You guys are right, I'm new to the forum and I don't know the folks like y'all do. I certainly don't want to start off on the wrong foot with anyone. It's nice to see the responses come so quick on the forum...very encouraging. I'll certainly keep my laptop handy when I take to the highway.

DL, I'm with you...Dodge diesel smoke do smell better!

Why I have you guys here: I just got a used 2006 KZ Durango 285. Man, am I excited. I posted earlier "which generator to buy?". I'm told a 30 amp will do. Do you guys recommend a certain brand to go with...or which ones to stay away from? Looking for the best bang for the buck.

2006 Dodge 3500 Cummins, auto, 4X4, quad-cab
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Did I say how excited I am? :)


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Welcome to the forum PushPop, I have been a member for six or seven years now and you will be hard pressed to find a better group of people to chat with or ask opinions of. Hang around awhile and in between all the poking fun they will even answer your questions. :) Have a very Merry Christmas..