Oil Crisis Solved

That's correct. According to aFox News report. New York democrat congressman says we should nationalize the U.S. oil refineries. He'll probably want to bring Chavez from Venezuela to run it for the government.
My gosh....where does the insanity end.


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RE: Oil Crisis Solved

Well Jim , They are the party of change :dead: :dead: Does anybody remember the price of gas two years ago?? About the time the Dems. took control of Congress :angry: Think they don't have an agenda?? :evil: I know some will say it's supply and demand. But what party is blocking the drilling?

Had a great weekend in our RV !!! Slide working great. ;)

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Re: Oil Crisis Solved

Good Golly what next. Sounds like the Good ol Jimmy Carter days may be coming back. Oh boy I can hardly wait. :eek:
They haven't offered one change yet. It's all right out of the PROGRESSIVE play book. Just back to the late 70's. :(
Re: Oil Crisis Solved

Motiva is doubling the size of its Port Arthur Texas refinery. Mind you, its not a new refinery. Guess how they're planning on getting their crude. From offshore tankers (from middle east) with a Teppco pipeline to shore.