Old Classic Dodge Motorhome ??

We bought this 72 Dodge motorhome recently. It is in dire need of
restoring, which we are in process of doing. Now what we don't know
is what kind of mh it is :-( All it has is "DODGE" on front & back.
No other name at all and although we've looked & looked, we can't
find the VIN# anywhere ! The guy we got it from never drove it, just
parked it for the last 8 or 9 years and has no idea where VIN# is
located. We've had several MH & trailers and we've never seen a MH
like this one. Anyone out there have any ideas ??? Please ck the pics
I have up to get an idea of what it looks like. We've since washed it and got the top layer of filth off :)She's gonna be a job for sure, but she's solid for most part and will be a beauty when we finish. We just want to know what the darn thing is or any info you might be able to impart. Someone did say it had a 383 chrysler motor in it, but that's all we know and not sure of that either. Only #'s we've found so far were on the intake manifold - #2899909 (may be 2399909) and can't find any # online to match it. Oh yes, it does have a narrow window above the driving area, sort of like a "skylight"and a little "bubble" thing on top,we are told was an old antenna -) It has no driver or passenger doors, just the 1 side door. Now we've been told it MAY be a "sightseer" or an old "travco", but after looking at hundrens of rv's, nothing looks like this one -- so far I've not seen a pic of a 72 sightseer :-( Trust me we have searched eevery link we know; history,dodge,travco,museums, pics after pics, and nothing :-( The man at the Heritage-RV Museum is sending papers on dodge motorhomes, so maybe that may help. Thanks for any help or leads at all. You can see pics at treasureshack.com/dodge.html

Gary B

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Old Classic Dodge Motorhome ??

Hi Lynn, you've got my curiousity up, so wheres the pic's, what about the tittle isn't the vin number on it? I would doubt that it has a 383, Dodge put 318's, 360's, 400's and 440's for the most part in the MH chassis, although some one could have installed a 383 after the fact. I take from your description of the door that its a class a, if you can post some pic's maybe someone has seen, owned or has one. Welcome to the forum. :)

Gary B

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Old Classic Dodge Motorhome ??

Hi again very interesting, don't reconize it but will definately keep my eyes open. Doesn't look bad at all, I know its a lot of work to redo a rv but if you like doing it, it can be very satisify, and will keep you busy for awhile. good luck and I keep a look out for another one. :) :approve:
Hi Lynn Iam thinking it could be an Avco, here is a site(you may know of it) http://rvbasics.com/techtips/oldparts.html check out ConiBear RV Center at conibear@cwix.com , my guess in a MH that size you either have a Dodge 400 or a 440 engine. Are the tires 17"?
After looking at lots od pics of Avco's I don't think its an AVCO.
Old Classic Dodge Motorhome ??