On the Road Again


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Well we are in Draper, Utah now, left East Carbon, yesterday. Highway 6 thru the mountains was ugly with the snow and rain we were getting.
I got the rv worked on today, replaced our outside stereo that has never worked since we bought the rig. Some other work I wanted done could not be done due to lack of techs to work on rv's. The tech that worked on mine come in late and left early. So will get any other work done on the road. Either in Arizona or Washington.
We head south for Arizona in the morning, going to take I 15 south to Highway 20, east to Highway 89, south to Flagstaff than I 40 east to Petrified.

DL Rupper

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Re: On the Road Again

Hey Lee, good luck. Hopefully we will get our truck out of the body shop next week and we will be "on the road again". Heading west. :)