On the road banking

We will be going full time next year and looking for a nationwide banking internet system that doesn't charge us for everything. We tried Citibank but they insist you have a $6000. in checking at all times or they will charge for every check or transaction you make. Does anyone have ideas on internet banking?


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On the road banking

Try your local credit unions. Many offer banking at no charge for internet type banking as long as you have an account with them. Many offer "Bill Payer" at no charge which you can set up for monthly payments for whatever.
In addition, try your local library for access to your home banking system for paying bills by using the internet. Most of the utilities, etc., offer internet payment options for either one time payments or recurring monthly payments, automatically. It isn't hard to figure it all out. Talk to your banking folks. You must have some kind of plan for deposits, annunities, etc., before you decide how your gonna pay your bills.
Good luck :)


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On the road banking

If you carry a debit card you won't need to worry about ATM fees. Wal Mart, and just about every major chain store and grocery store will give you cash back when you make a purchase. Usually you can get $100 or on occasion it is $200. We have been fulltime for four years and it has now been more than two years since we used an ATM.
On the road banking

We are very happy with Wells Fargo. We pay all of our bills online and have a combination Visa/direct debit card. ATMs are free if you use Wells Fargo but you will not find many east of the Mississippi. Of course on line bill pay works around the would.

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On the road banking

Try Bank of Internet USA in San Diego CA. Very happy with them. All the benefits of 24 hour banking and great rates, no monthly charges etc.
888-546-2634 BofI.com
On the road banking

We are planning to begin full timing in 1 month, but we have been banking on the internet for 2 years. Bank of America has accomodated our needs without the need for personally going to a bank. :) We plan on staying with them and BTW, they are in most states if you need to do that.
On the road banking

If you spent any time in the military, look at USAA in San Antonio. I have insured with them (except RV) for 37 yrs and banked with them for 5. Great bank and customer oriented. We have all our bank accts and credit cards with them. Regular deposits such as Social Securit and automatically made to the acct and many bills are auto pay from credit card or bank acct. Simple matter to go on line or call to transfer money tween accts. They also reimburse you for ATM fees you might incur around the country. :cool:
On the road banking

We have Wells Fargo and are happy with them. Yes, trying to find on east of the Mississippi is difficult to impossible. However, the system is nationwide, so it isn't impossible to deposit while out of the state you opened the account in.

Look into US Bank or Bank of America.

Paypal ( http://www.paypal.com ) offers customers a Mastercard / debit card to pay for items with the option of cash back. You can transfer to or from your bank account for free (but there is a 3-4 day wait to transfer to). Plus, it is the handiest way to pay for or recieve monies from ebay auction. We find it helpful in addition to our regular bank accounts.
On the road banking

If you are a veteran you can join your service credit union. We have Navy Federal Credit Union (hubby is retired USMC) and it works great for us. I've never had a check refused and with the cucard I can get cash anywhere. Plus they even have Web-bill pay on their banking site so I can do it all at the same place! You can check them out at: http://www.nfcu.org/index.html